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  • Hong Kong Halloween Treats Day 3

    To finalize my Hong Kong adventure, basically day three was shopping day and bonding with my newly found friends. ^_^ I want to thank The Cosplay Chronicles / Kaika / Elpheal He for letting me borrow her photos.^_^ Do check her out.

    We went to the Sino Center. Lots of awesome otaku items.

    Sino Center

    Then we went to Heng Hiong, the famous wife biscuit franchise store. Wife biscuits are special cakes given by the men of Hong Kong to women they wish to marry.^_^

    Red Bean Cake

    Heng Hiong

    Heng Hiong


    Me paying for my orders :P, while Roch strikes a pose!

    Ate at this marvelous resto for lunch. For all the heavens, the name escapes me. 😛

    Then more shopping! And we stopped by this resto specializing in mango items.^_^

    Shui Liu Shan

    Shui Liu Shan! A whole resto dedicated to mango desserts!XD And they use Philippine mangoes in HK for the best mango desserts!

    Mango Dessert

    Me and Hiyuki’s dessert!


    Kaika’s order!

    I had to say goodbye to the Singapore representatives, since they had to head back and catch their much earlier flight. Then more shopping, all alone this time. I particularly had my nails done at the same mall where I shopped for my heat resistant wigs.^_^ After all that it was about time to head back myself.


    And lucky me, with my nonexistent sense of direction, especially in a foreign land, I asked for directions, and HK people were really friendly to point to the right way. Needless to say that’s how I got around by myself. In the nick of time, I was able to get back to the hotel, claim my luggage, and repack my stuff with the things I bought that day, and rest a little just before our shuttle arrived to take us to the airport. We took it with the Thailand representatives, who had the same flight departure time as us.


    Here in this pic are Thailand representatives Yuki Godbless and Jiaki Darkness. This was taken before we boarded the shuttle.

    It was a very sad, tiring and long forty minute drive to the airport. I chatted with Yuki and Jiaki about our HK adventures until we arrived.

    I really enjoyed HK, and would definitely be going back in the future!XD Thank you Animax Asia and the Hong Kong Tourism Board for this oppurtunity.

    September 20th, 2011

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