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  • Hong Kong Halloween Treats Day 2

    That day I woke up a bit early, prepared my costume, and headed down for breakfast with World Cosplay Summit 2011 Thailand representatives Natthar Janjarhatsin and Jiaki Pornkarunathikul. At that time, they were the Thailand winners of the Hong Kong Halloween Treats contest by Animax Asia and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. A few minutes later I was joined by the Singaporean representatives Kaika/Elpheal He, Jason Koh, and Hiyuki Ong. After a delightful breakfast we headed to our rooms to change and wait for our shuttle to the event.

    So here’s a short video of us fooling around with our cameras before we were presented to the public, and a little footage before dinner. ^_^

    Here are some pictures courtesy of Alodia‘s cousin Noel Gosiengfiao during the event. ^_^

    Jerry Polence

    After Animax started the program and introduced us on stage, they had us proceed backstage, and the photographers followed us back there. So we were asked to go inside the program area, and we were delegated individually to an area with program posters of Animax as backdrops.^_^ That’s my spot there.

    Jerry Polence

    Me when I was presented on stage for a short Q&A about cosplay in our respective countries.

    Kaika and Jerry

    Me and Kaika.

    Jerry and Hiyuki

    Me and Hiyuki.

    Yuki and Jerry

    Me and YukiGodBless.


    Here’s a group shot on stage.^_^

    Thank you Animax Asia and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

    Jerry Polence

    Especially to:

    Mr. Gregory Ho – Vice President and General Manager – Animax Asia
    Ms. Tracy Wong – Director of Creative Services and Marketing – Animax Asia
    Neo Yen Nee – Affiliate Marketing – Animax Asia
    Rita Yuen – Animax Hong Kong
    Irene Lo – Animax Hong Kong

    July 1st, 2011

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