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  • Hong Kong Halloween Treats 2010 Day 1

    Long overdue, I finally got around to posting about my trip to Hong Kong courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board and Animax Asia as the Philippine cosplay participant. So day one was the arrival, and I got to meet the other participants from other countries at the airport.

    Video courtesy of Singaporean blogger participant Elpheal “Kaika” He. Watching this video, I realize, I’m really a bit too tall. ^_^;

    After we got settled in, it was a mad dash to Hong Kong Disneyland with tickets courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. I’m a sucker for details, so it was a real eye candy treat for me.XD

    Disneyland Resort Line

    Special Disneyland Resort Line train.

    Jiminy Cricket

    Jiminy Cricket statue inside the train. There were classic Disney character statues all over the train.

    Mickey Mouse

    The Mickey Mouse shape was all over the train as well, from the windows down to the handles.

    Hong Kong Disneyland

    My first time to be in Disneyland, so happy!XD

    Mickey Mouse Fountain

    What a way to greet their guests at the theme park. Interesting animated fountain with the surfing Mickey Mouse elevating when the water shoots out from the whale.

    Buzz Lightyear

    Giant Buzz Lightyear! The ride was really interesting as well, considering the much awaited Toy Story 3 came out a few months earlier.

    Couldn’t help but splurge on Toy Story related items after, and yes, lots of souvenirs from Disneyland Hong Kong. I pretty much bought things that are not available in the Disney stores here in the US.^_^ Yes I did some serious damage. ^_^;;;

    It's a Small World

    It’s a Small World building. The dolls were totally adorable, as much as the whole building itself. Yes, there were Philippine dolls as well, singing the song in Filipino.^_^

    Disney Halloween

    It was Halloween and I got treated to a special Halloween Disney Parade. Lots of sale items too, so yes more shopping after that.^_^;

    Pretty much we headed home after that, and I prepared for the Halloween Treats Party the next day.

    Elven Fairy

    Stay tuned for Day 2.

    May 5th, 2011

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