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  • Code Geass: C.C. Black Gown Mutuality Artbook Version

    This gown is based on C.C.’s artwork version in the Code Geass Mutuality artbook. I guess you can tell by now, I LOVE C.C.! These shots were taken last July by the very talented Vince Milum, owner/photographer of Fortunately our location, the gorgeous Olympia Capitol Building, didn’t require getting permits.^_^ We shot to our hearts’ content with the very lovely Etaru as the co-creative director of the shoot! Spoiled little me, for having one of the most talented photographers around and one of America’s top cosplayers for this one! Happiness is not enough to describe what I felt that day.^_^

    Costume Notes

    This is a black ball gown with a boned corset top. The skirt is made detachable for easy washing; the top is made to be dry-cleaned only. Believe it or not, I actually made this one from ten yards of black satin and organza. Midway while I was making it, I ran out of cloth so I hope I got away with using different types of the same fabric for this costume.^_^; Those frills made this costume REALLY heavy, bias cut and all it was still heavy and needless to say very HOT. The hoop skirt was a steal on eBay for $12. The pattern is a highly modified Simplicity Pirate/Maid costume pattern, and the rest I made from scratch. The wig is heat resistant fiber by Arda Wigs that I brought last Sakura-Con. Unfortunately I didn’t check if they gave me the right kind, and when I took it out of its packaging to cut the bangs at the last minute, it was only then I found out they gave me the wrong kind of wig. The bangs stuck out stiffly in front of my eyes. T-T Vince was really nice to take shots of me in angles that made it not too noticable. Still love the heat resistant wigs, they are A LOT easier to comb and manage. I will curl the wig and probably add more fibers on the bangs for future use. I found a very interesting sewing technique recently while I’m here in the Philippines. I might apply it to the frills when I get back to make the gown extra frilly. XD

    November 13th, 2010

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