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  • Penny Arcade Expo 2010

    As a second timer at Penny Arcade Expo, I must say PAX Prime 2010 was rather busy for me. Tazti Game Studios hired me to be a booth assistant or a “booth babe” for all days of the expo, and also I volunteered to be a costume dresser for Critical Threat Theater for the very highly anticipated full theatrical presention of “Of Dice and Men“. It was truly busy, since I started my duties for the play Thursday afternoon until almost midnight for the dress rehearsals. I woke up rather early the next day to report to the Tazti booth. It was totally overwhelming to see things from the exhibitors’ eyes. A huge wave of crowds flooded the convention floors within seconds of the expo halls opening, and only minutes after that every corner was full of excited con goers. Many of them dived through the many things in store at the exhibits, such as new game releases, demos, giveaways, and so many more. For me it was exciting, fun, and somewhat scary, but after the first day, the following days felt like a routine.

    So more about the play “Of Dice and Men“, the day of the play itself was right after my booth duties. I ate quickly, changed to more comfortable clothing at the hotel, and went back to the WSCTC for minor last minute preparations for the play. The play started at 7:30pm, if I remember correctly. Call time for me was 6pm, I was there a bit earlier but there was 40-meter line for groups of people waiting for the play. By nearly 7pm, the crowd who wanted to watch was INSANE! The spacious halls were filled with people, nearly no space for passersby to walk on. O.O Apparently, the turnout of the crowd was a LOT bigger than expected. They had to count people who could go in, and had to let the other people know the venue couldn’t accomodate them anymore. T-T Well, it’s sad that we had to turn down people, at the same time, that means that the theater company will expect full crowds, and probably do many shows in the future. ^_^ The play went smoothly as hoped, and I ended up going home almost midnight again. I felt really tired, but accomplished and honored at the same time, to have worked with such talented people. They were going out for drinks, but I had to decline since I had to wake up early for the booth duties the next day.

    So more about Tazti, when I got hired for the job, I immediately tried the voice recognition software on WoW, along with trying to absorb as much knowledge about it as possible. The day of the convention, I woke up early wearing the “Spring Bloom Elf/Fairy” costume for days 1 and 3. For the second day it was “Dark Forest Elf“. It was fun dressing up to be a booth babe. ^_^ Needless to say, the hours went by fast working with the Goller brothers Stuart and Michael, and our dynamic girl group with Heather Wang and Ashley Benckendorf!

    If I would have any regrets about all the days of PAX Prime this year, it was only that I was too busy to even take pictures myself. I would have so loved to take a picture with all the cast and crew of the play, and all of us at the Tazti booth. T-T If I could do it again next year, I would do it all over again! XD Hope you guys will enjoy the few links and pictures in this post. And hope to see many of my readers at Sakuracon 2011, if not let’s talk on my Facebook page. ^_^

    By the way, if you guys noticed, there are new menu items in the top navigation bar of this website. There’s an About page written by my good friend Mike Abundo. I asked him to do it, since I would feel a bit too vain if I wrote it myself. The Live page is for my Ustream channel. Yes, I plan to do live video chat soon! I’ll announce the schedule on my Facebook page.^_^ Hope you guys join me during my sessions.

    Heather Wang and I pose next to the DeLorean from Back to the Future.
    Got a picture with the DeLorean! Wish it was interdimentional since I was wearing a fairy costume. 😛

    My PAX 2010 loot!
    We got lots of loot, but these are my favorites. The Guild Wars 2 shirt will be sent to Mike. Got the exhibitor pass from Tazti and the speaker pass from Critical Treat Theater. The post cards and poster come from Square Enix. This is the first time we got so many button pins in one event, some of them are not even included on the lanyard.

    (First and tenth photos via Heather Wang. Second to ninth photos by Lou Huang.)

    PS: I have made it to the top twenty for Animax Asia’s cosplay photo contest. Please vote for me in the finals, I’m image 13. If I should win I will be going back to the Philippines and probably visiting Singapore this October. And I wish to meet you guys when I do.^_^

    October 3rd, 2010

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