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  • Code Geass: C.C. Train Station Photoset

    We actually went to an operational train station for this set, the Olympia/Lacey Train Station. Fortunately there were barely any people there at that time, so we were able to get some great shots. The others we took by an abandoned train track and a vacant lot at Lacey. This is my first time to do a private outdoor photoshoot with reflectors, it was fun, and I’m glad that photographers Ashley Nelson and Kristin Johnson were very open to experimenting with them. At Lacey, the lot was by the road, and there was a bunch of rubble and container vans with cool graffiti, it was interesting!

    The costume itself was made during my spare time for a few months, it debuted at Sakura-Con 2010. Tailoring it was specifically challenging, since it incorporated elements that were a bit unusual. For example, it is a two-layered short skirt with frontal slit revealing the shorter white skirt inside, and back half-petticoat with a flat front, which took me the longest to figure out how to do. The top portion of the costume was a very altered Simplicity Sewing Pattern 3618. There are a few things I still want to improve with this costume, but I hope you guys like it.^_^

    Code Geass: CC PhotoshootCode Geass: C.C. Photoshoot

    May 12th, 2010

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