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14 responses to “Jue from The Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris

  • Hi Cheryl…
    Just wanted to tell you that I think this is very beautiful.


  • I think you did a great job there. I really admire girls who love to do cosplay, just like you

  • hi! do you make your own costumes? -_-” do you make one for others who comissions too? thanks I can’t seem to find a good seamstress

    • Yes I do, right now I am in the process of making my own, since most cons here require that you do if you want to compete. I’m sorry, but I don’t accept commissions anymore, good luck finding a seamstress. I do suggest that if you have the budget, search for the costume makers Yaya Han recommended. Back home in the Philippines, I have had different people make my costumes, when it comes to just tailoring, I go to Divisoria Yangco Market, there are loads of gown makers there, maybe you can convince one to make you a costume. Another person that I heard that was good is Regine Tolentino, and I’ve seen her boutique’s work, they are really equisite.

  • This is magnificent site I have been a bachelor for a long time.. I’m hoping to find someone soon

  • hey is it really you in the pic? never thot someone would respond to it? is it okay i ask for your facebook?

    • Yes, to both, I seriously didn’t think someone would bother checking it, besides my friends and family. 😛 And here’s my facebook. Feel free to add, and thank you for dropping by. ^_^

  • Nice pics, good job with recreating the imagery looks good.

  • Nice. Don’t see why you weren’t gutsy enough to do this costume the first time, you definitely have the body for it.

    Minor nitpick though– didn’t Jue use a katana instead of a jian in the dojo scene?

    • Thanks for the compliment! Actually that’s also what I thought at first, then I watched the fight scene closely. It was then I found out that Thaddeus was the only one using a katana, and Jue was using a jian. ^_^

  • tacticaldrone

    Very nice. You look very fine. Do you have any full body shots in the jue outfit? I’d like to compare it with the cgi shots from the animatrix

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