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  • Sakura-Con 2011

    The Sakura-Con 2011 experience actually started the day before the event. I was invited to model for talented Japanese designer Sebastian Masuda‘s 6%DOKIDOKI Harajuku fashion line, together with their spokeswomen Vani and Yuka, for a television appearance on New Day Northwest. Harajuku fashion is a very popular style in Japan, and is basically integrated in everyday clothing. Mr. Masuda’s line is designed to rebel against a dull and colorless world through his very colorful designs. It was really nice to model such kawaii clothes and accessories, that are literally a color explosion!XD

    Everything on myself was from their shop, with the exception of the makeup, wig and shoes.^_~ I woke up early that day, drove to Seattle, and meet them at the KING 5 studio for the early morning taping. There I dressed up and went through backstage briefing/rehearsal. For a brief moment I met Jodie Foster, who was at that time promoting her movie The Beaver on the show. Regrettably, I wasn’t able to take a picture with her, since we were next on queue to get on stage. T-T Backstage, everyone on the 6%DOKIDOKI team was as colorful and friendly as can be. They were saying kawaii all the time, especially while they were styling me from head to toe. *^_^* I felt like a super pampered princess! Needless to say, I was very delighted to have met and worked with them.

    Vani, Yuka, me, Mr. Masuda and Emi backstage in the dressing room, right after our spot on the show.

    Thank you to Ms. Murohashi-Cartier  (President of Axia Media Group, Inc./Ibuki Magazine) for the television appearance with them.^_^

    Clam ChowderPike Place Chowder
    Lunch! Clam chowder sampler from Pike Place Chowder YUM!XD

    After that I checked in at the hotel, claimed my badge, and met with friends for sushi night. Day one was relatively just me enjoying what the con had to offer. I attended a cosplay technical panel by fellow cosplayer Hoshikage. The panel was very insightful, and I actually included parts of her lecture in one of my broadcasts: Armor Making Materials Part 2. After that, I roamed around the exhibitors’ hall, and just pretty much enjoyed myself as a regular attendee. ^_^ I met up with cosplay superstar Yaya Han and her lovely partner Brian Bowling! She was such a sweetie, and that was actually the first time I met her. She’s an international model, cosplayer, makeup artist and successful businesswoman. She is someone I aspire to be, since she makes all her costumes and products, making a living out of my beloved craft and hobby. It’s such a pleasure to actually see her costumes up close and admire the details. As a fellow cosplayer, I actually appreciate how much time a person puts into their costume down to its very fine details. And Yaya Han’s costume was SUPERB, from head to toe, back and front! *.*

    Yaya Han
    Yaya Han as Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Me after the fashion show dressed to go home.

    Day two was a bit busy, I actually got to help out at Yaya Han’s booth. XD The hours seemed to pass by really fast! It was a pleasure to be able to help out, and experience the con from the exhibitor’s perspective.^_^ The crowd was kind, pleasant and easy to deal with.^_^ After my shift, I went to the Japanese artist studio, where I was fortunate enough to consult with a Japanese culture expert on how to properly wear kimonos. 😀 After that I prepared for and had a photoshoot with the very talented Eurobeat Kasumi.

    Day three was busy too. I was participating in the Annual Sakura-Con Lolita Fashion Show, and I was designated to wear two outfits.^_^ We went to the Sheraton for hair and makeup and then headed to the fashion floor. The most interesting thing about it is that, instead of the traditional fashion show stage, we had a huge black and red chessboard!XD

    Design by Pink Tanuki.
    Hosiery, footwear, hair, and makeup by me.

    Design by Scoundrelle’s Keep.
    Hosiery, footwear, hair, and makeup by me.

    November 23rd, 2011

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