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  • Philippines Visit 2010

    This year I went back to the Philippines, coincidentally I was also chosen to be the Philippine cosplay representative for the HKTB-Animax Hong Kong Halloween Treats Party as per my previous posts.^_^ Before I left for Hong Kong I had a good time with Hannah Villasis and Vince Golanco for a Halloween cosplay special on Tek Tok TV.

    Tek Tok TV

    Tek Tok tech engineer Peter Baltazar, Filipino otaku/tech celebrity Mike Abundo, Tek Tok hosts Hannah Villasis and Vince Golangco, and magician/mentalist Marcelle Fabie.

    When I’m home, I do a lot of things. Among those are meeting with my family and friends, and taking care of my banking and other official things like my passport. I took care of my passport the same day the UP AME Track 10 event was held at the SMX Convention Center. I wasn’t sure what time I was going to finish, but with the help of the good people at the National Statistics Office, I was able to finish with ample time to drop by the event. And I was so happy I decided to take my costume with me that day, because I met with famous Filipino cosplay photographers, particularly the very talented Kira Hokuten and Romeo Encisa Jr. of Cosplay Network Philippines.

    So there I was at the mall, it seemed nothing had changed since I left. I looked for the nearest secluded restroom. Lucky enough I found one that’s not so busy and very close to SMX. I dressed up and there were other cosplayers dressing up there as well. I took advantage of the diaper changing table, near the sinks. Thankfully, no one came in to use it, and I was able to put on my costume with not much hassle or inconvenience to the other regular mall costumers. When I got out, Mike Abundo meet up with me and took me inside the venue. I also meet the lovely Monique Dimanlig. And right there almost as soon as I entered the door, was cosplay photography sharp shooter expert Romeo. He took quick shots of me in less than three minutes, in front of a white wall close to the entrance door and voila! AMAZING! O.O

    Spring Fairy

    One of my favorite photos by Romeo Encisa Jr. of Cosplay Network Philippines.

    While I was there, there were so many photographers, and Mike introduced me to cosplay photographer extraordinaire Kira Hokuten. He had a strike of inspiration and took me in front of the church next door, and it looked so ethereal what he could do with a small patch of grass! Thankfully none of the security shooed us away, until we got in front of SMX for a bigger patch of grass, and a LOT other photographers jumped in. ^_^; I’m really sorry for the inconvenience to the security of SMX, for we blocked traffic for a good few minutes, because of the very impromptu photo shoot.

    Spring Fairy

    My favorite shot of MANY gorgeous shots from Kira Hokuten.

    Cosplay Sources Tour

    When I go back to the Philippines, I of course conduct a cosplay sources tour at Divisoria and Quiapo. Needless to say, it was a bit dangerous to bring out your camera and take pictures, but as tired as we all were, we had a great time!^_^

    Comic Sale Central

    The day before I left the Philippines Mr. Raymond Sison of Comic Sale Central allowed me to use his shop for a mini-meet-and-greet with my newly found friends.

    Needless to say I’m very happy to have met all these people while I was in the Philippines, and I look forward seeing them ALL again when I get back.^_^

    October 5th, 2011

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